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  2. What carbon removal projects does Bend work with?

What carbon removal projects does Bend work with?

We support premium, engineered carbon removal projects, at a price point of at least $100 / ton, roughly 10x the industry average.

Most offsets used today are 'avoidance' offsets, where e.g. some portion of forest that was slated to be cut down is saved. Avoidance offsets can have positive impact, but they suffer from questionable claims and over-crediting. Avoidance offsets are not aligned with The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting.

For this reason, Bend supports carbon removal projects: where carbon is literally pulled from the atmosphere. We follow the lead of industry experts and scientists, drafting off the selections made by Frontier Climate and Microsoft.

Currently, the projects you can help support via Bend include:

Don't see a carbon removal project you'd like to support with the rewards you earn? Please message us — our goal is to support any and all high quality carbon removal projects.