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  2. Why is your data better than other carbon emissions trackers?

Why is your data better than other carbon emissions trackers?

Bend gives best-in-class spend-based CO2e estimates. We have the largest database of per-transaction, merchant-specific CO2e information, with category fallbacks, guaranteeing 100% coverage. With the Amazon Business integration, we take it a step further with product-level data for each item in your order.

Other emissions trackers rely on a handful of off-the-shelf emissions factors to estimate the emissions of certain activities (e.g. 0.225 kg/mile traveled via airplane, 0.343 kg/mile traveled via car, and so on). This approach is inadequate — the coverage is limited, and the generic emissions averages obscure a huge amount of variation (different cars or aircraft have different performance profiles, airplanes are not uniformly full, etc.). But more importantly, this legacy approach doesn’t create the right accountability. If all air travel is treated interchangeably, JetBlue (for example) isn’t rewarded for upgrading their fleet, or exploring the use of biofuels, or offering more direct flights, or reducing the emissions of their operations, etc. We want JetBlue competing with United, and American, and all the other airlines, to offer the lowest relative emissions. And we want every business in every industry competing in this race. Generic industry averages won’t cut it.