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    Bend x Codat: a Standard Chart of Accounts for CO2e Estimates

    Now, any Codat partner can leverage the Bend API to surface Scope 3 carbon accounting alongside their customers' financial data. Bend will provide the most accurate sustainability assessment for any transaction based on the data provided, using either a merchant-specific intensity or a category-based factor for its GL code.


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    Track 'financed emissions' with Bend

    When we first started work on Bend, our focus was on embedding climate data within the financial software companies use to run their business. But we found that in addition to this embedded approach, some institutional investors wanted to use our automated carbon accounting to measure and manage the emissions for their portfolio.


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    Launching our 2.0 API for Bend's 2-year Anniversary

    We’re celebrating 2 years of Bend’s existence as a company and we’ve launched a new API to help you understand the climate impact of business activity, and/or embed climate data in your application. 


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    Get Ready With Me — September Product Updates on Bend

    We’re always striving to iteratively improve our product, based on customer feedback. We have four updates to share: Savings Opportunities, Scheduled Payments, Monthly Email Report, and Card Delivery Date.


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    Launch: Bend + Amazon Business

    We are excited to announce that Bend has launched an integration with Amazon Business. Bend customers can now automatically measure the climate impact of every item in their Amazon order.


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    How We're Building Automated and Actionable Carbon Calculation

    Tracking emissions today is difficult, slow, and expensive. Marion, Bend's methodology advisor, shares an overview of how we're automating accurate and actionable carbon accounting.


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    Joining YC, Onboarding Pilot Customers

    Two quick announcements: (1) Bend is officially a part of the Y Combinator S2022 batch, after also closing a pre-seed investment from Character, and (2) we’re opening Bend up to a few pilot customers.


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    The Path to a Carbon Tax

    We at Bend are huge supporters of a carbon tax. Unfortunately, there are major barriers to implementing one successfully. In this post, I’ll talk about some of these barriers, and how Bend could play a part in breaking them down.


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    Net Zero from Day Zero in 2022

    You might expect that when it comes to climate, large companies have an unfair advantage over small companies. We believe the “unfair advantage” mostly flows the other direction.


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    Hey Procurement Managers — Vendor Sustainability Is the New SOC 2

    In the same way that you entrust your sensitive company data with your vendors, you also entrust your climate reputation with your vendors. That means that one of your biggest levers to manage your environmental footprint is supplier selection.


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    From BCG to McKinsey — The Carbon Footprint of Professional Services

    Consulting services, like any other spend, have associated emissions. But not all ‘billable hours’ are equal, and so we compared the climate programs of the top five consulting firms: McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, Accenture, and Bain.


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    Pedal to the Metal with PlanetScale and Rust

    PlanetScale and Rust seemed like a match made in heaven. The best in database technology with an unbeatably fast and secure access layer. There was just one problem… no one had ever done it before.


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    Bending the Climate Curve

    Today we're excited to launch Bend. Bend makes climate data programmable and queryable — track companies as they cut carbon, and measure the CO2e footprint of your spend.