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Company Carbon Data

Bend makes CO2e emissions data programmable and queryable. Track companies as they cut carbon, and measure your supply chain footprint.

  • For Companies
    Claim your profile, publish emissions targets, and measure your supply chain footprint with 1-click.
  • For Fintech
    Help your customers track the CO2e impact of every transaction.
  • For Carbon Accounting
    Programmatically pull and post company climate data.
  • For Procurement Managers
    Bake sustainability into your purchasing decisions.
For Developers

Highly Credible, Fully Automated

Integrating with the Bend API gives you best-in-class spend-based CO2e estimates. Bend has the largest database of merchant-specific CO2e information, with category fallbacks, guaranteeing 100% coverage.

{  "transactions": [    {      "transaction_id": "ee421c25",      "mcc": "4121",      "merchant_name": "Uber",      "amount": {        "value": 3740,        "currency_code": "USD"      }    }  ]}
{  "transactions": [    {      "transaction_id": "ee421c25",      "estimate_type": "MERCHANT",      "kgco2e": 108.76,      "merchant": {        "slug": "uber",        "target": "Net Zero by 2040",        "url": ""      }    }  ]}