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Just Salad

Just Salad is a fast-casual restaurant chain with a mission to make everyday health and sustainability possible. The brand serves craveable, accessible, plant-centric meals made with homemade dressings, prepped-daily produce, from-scratch recipes and fresh, flavorful ingredients. Guests can choose from over 15 chef-designed salads, wraps, warm bowls, avocado toast, soups and smoothies. Empowering customers to “Eat with Purpose,” Just Salad is home to the world’s largest restaurant reusable program and the first U.S. restaurant chain to carbon label its menu and offer a Climatarian menu category. The company was founded in 2006 and has over 70 locations across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Dubai.

A hotels, restaurants & leisure company in the United States with $50M-$100M in revenue generates, on average, 6,400 tons of CO2e per year.

The resolution of this estimate for Just Salad is low.

Just Salad's Estimated Annual Emissions
360 t CO2e
Direct Emissions (Scope 1)
1,280 t CO2e
Purchased Electricity (Scope 2)
220 t CO2e
Travel (Scope 3)
4,550 t CO2e
Other Goods & Services (Scope 3)
6,400 tTotal Emissions