Track 'financed emissions' with Bend

When we first started work on Bend, our focus was on embedding climate data within the financial software companies use to run their business. But we found that in addition to this embedded approach, some institutional investors needed a dedicated dashboard to measure and manage the emissions for their portfolio.

Trusted carbon accounting for your portfolio companies

Leveraging our automated, comprehensive, industry-standard supply chain sustainability data, we’re now able to import any investor's portfolio, and measure and manage the climate impact of those investments. 

A screenshot of Bend's 'Investments' tab
Bend's 'Investments' tab with our test Berkshire Hathaway account.

Every portfolio company is given a CO2e benchmark, according to their industry classification, revenue, location, and taking into account your equity percentage. Then, aligned with the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials standard and the SFDR, you can progressively increase the data quality of each portfolio company’s carbon estimate. And we arm you and your portfolio companies with stage-appropriate assistance along their net zero transition pathways.

Take your portfolio companies from good to great, without the steep cost and the steep data-collection burden

Our goal is to provide every company with actionable steps toward decarbonization. Too often, carbon accounting puts an onerous burden on companies, particularly small and mid-market companies. Like other solutions, our CO2e calculations are vetted and aligned with industry standards, and include source attribution and confidence scoring. What makes Bend different is our emphasis on automation. 

If you work at a PE or VC firm, we’d love to give you a demo — please get in touch to learn more.