Welcome Planetary Lawyer Project readers!

Legal professionals are critical to addressing climate change, and pro-bono work is likely where you can have the greatest positive climate impact. But perhaps your second greatest impact opportunity is through decarbonizing your firm directly.

We are offering a special, limited-time deal to legal professionals who are readers of the Planetary Lawyer Project: we will run a complete audit of your firm's emissions for $2,000, aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard (an audit that other firms pay $40k-$100k for). Be part of the movement — along with the likes of Latham & Watkins and DLA Piper.

Armed with your firm's report, you can identify carbon reduction opportunities, and get credit for your firm's positive climate impact. And if your firm is one of the many that uses Chrome River for spend management, then good news: gathering the relevant data will take someone on your finance team just a couple clicks.